Sweet Afternoon: Ladurée Macaron


ImageImageImageImageSay nothing more. Just enjoy the picts I snapped last Saturday before I nibbled them down. Ladurée Macarons got the best taste and texture from all macaron I have ever taste. My personal favorites are Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange Blossom, Salted Caramel and Coffee! Oh! My sister bought this from Ladurée’s new store in Singapore.Too bad I couldn’t see and bought them by myself. I’ve been dreaming to taste Ladurée’s macs since years ago. I thought I have to wait until I can visit Paris someday…until I read the announcement about Ladurée’s store expansion to SouthEast Asia. Against all odds, my sister were having her Singapore trip with her friends just a week after Ladurée’s opening date. Lucky me then! Enjoy your day everybody



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