Yes! This is what I’ve been talking about all summer! I’m starting a business with my bestfriend who got the same craziness (that’s why we named the brand “Fou!”, a French word which means crazy) level of simply delightful desserts. We’re still in the madness post-opening, so we still can’t reveal our opening date. But, stay tune for a special offering we’re going to announce soon! Anyway, here’s a little sneakpeek about Fou. Since we’re still a high-schooler, we will mostly sell our products in school or colleagues. But that doesn’t mean you guys can’t buy our products. We open for public on weekend (Fri-Sun), which mean we’ll ship our cakes right to your door on those days. Otherwise, sadly we can’t take orders on the regular days. For our first menu, you’ll find various flavour of our signature cupcakes and cake-in-a-jar (yeaay!) and for you high schoolers, don’t worry! Our price is very suitable for schoolers, but with a bakery’s quality! We also take birthday, anniversary, etc. orders! Okay, so that’s a bit about Fou! we can tell you. For more infos, updates and contacts, please check our page on:
//Twitter : @speciallyFOU
//Facebook : Fou Kitchen
//Instagram : @speciallyfou
//Web :



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