Yes! This is what I’ve been talking about all summer! I’m starting a business with my bestfriend who got the same craziness (that’s why we named the brand “Fou!”, a French word which means crazy) level of simply delightful desserts. We’re still in the madness post-opening, so we still can’t reveal our opening date. But, stay tune for a special offering we’re going to announce soon! Anyway, here’s a little sneakpeek about Fou. Since we’re still a high-schooler, we will mostly sell our products in school or colleagues. But that doesn’t mean you guys can’t buy our products. We open for public on weekend (Fri-Sun), which mean we’ll ship our cakes right to your door on those days. Otherwise, sadly we can’t take orders on the regular days. For our first menu, you’ll find various flavour of our signature cupcakes and cake-in-a-jar (yeaay!) and for you high schoolers, don’t worry! Our price is very suitable for schoolers, but with a bakery’s quality! We also take birthday, anniversary, etc. orders! Okay, so that’s a bit about Fou! we can tell you. For more infos, updates and contacts, please check our page on:
//Twitter : @speciallyFOU
//Facebook : Fou Kitchen
//Instagram : @speciallyfou
//Web :



Breakfast Today: Creamy Chicken Stick & Spinach Spaghetti

Creamy Spinach & Chicken Stick Spaghetti


I currently don’t have many time to write this post, so I’m going to be very quick. Here’s my Creamy Chicken Stick & Spinach Spaghetti for breakfast today. It’s so easy to make yet extremely delicious! I’m having my Eid Mubarak holiday right now, and still, many homeworks, learning and projects to be finished this holiday(eeekkk!). If you’re having one too, have fun then! I’ll see you guys real soon. X

Busy, busy, busy!

I’m terribly sorry for such a long hiatus! It’s just that I had so many projects and works to-do before the holiday ends! Okay, so yesterday, me and my friend had a little meeting in my house to discuss more about our upcoming project! It is definitely something super fun and super busy! Anyway, I took some photos through my Instagram (since I’m too lazy to shot them withmy camera) and decided to post them here! The first three photos are about my project with my friend, and the last two photos are about my activity yesterday night (besides finishing my last deadlinen which is designing pages of my school’s magazine). Those are meatballs spaghetti, and u know what, it is really delicious! I even couldn’t stop myself from eating them! The smell of pork-beef mixture and rosemary-ish meatballs combined with the delicate classic tomato sauce. Yumm! See ya real soon lovely peeps! I will reveal more about my upcoming project! X






Sweet Afternoon: Pain Au Chocolat

ImageJust a quick post today! I just got home from my class farewell party and I must admit, it’s pretty sad! I’m going to miss those peeps, like, a lot. We had this farewell lunch right after we received our report card. So, after having a lunch, chat, reminiscing old time, took a lot of photos together, we finally parted back home. Since I still got about 30 minutes before I was picked up, I decided to go to one of my favourite bakery to grabbed my favourite pastry to be my afternoon snacks. I went to Tous Les Jours, a bakery from South Korea, and bought this tasty Pain Au Chocolat. That is all about my day today peeps! How ’bout yours? X

Lunch Today: Super 8 Luncheon!!




photos credited to Ria Emmanuella

Hi everybody! I’m back again (hehe). I know, i know. It’s not about my morning breakfast this time. I overslept this morning (and it’s suck) and I woke up at 9am, just when I realized that I had an appointment with my peeps at 10pm! So, I rushed to the bathroom, had a little bowl of meatballs (yeaay and it is delicious-that is my breakfast anyway), grab my backpack, had a 5 minutes crazy-chat with them, then I rushed to the car and swoosh! Okay, let me start by introducing my lovely peeps. We are in the same class in school and we had this little friendship group called “Super 8”, because we consist of 8 people (plus, actually). Since it’s going to be the last time we’re together (not like we’re going to be apart in the next grade, but more like not in one class), we decided to gather in my friend’s house and do a little cooking. We had arranged the menu since months ago (hehe) and here is what we ate: Mushroom Bruschetta (top picture), Corn Soup (2nd pict), Caesar Salad, Pasta Marinara (last picture) and PannaCotta with Strawberry Coulis. All the dishes are great! But, it’s not about the dishes actually, it’s more about our time we spent while we’re cooking , chat, giggling together and of course while we eat! I think that’s all I can write about today. See you guys in my next post in which I concerned that it’s not going to be a breakfast post again. I’m having my report card tomorrow! But I will post tomorrow, I promised! Maybe it’s going to be a spin-off, like this one! X


Breakfast Today: Asian Style Fried Noodles

ImageSo, as I told you yesterday. I’m still fulfilling my addiction to make pretty food photography. I think this will be my holiday routine (wink). I’ve been buried with tons of works and projects that have to be done this holiday. I joined a design team in my school and I get to designed several merchandise for school’s events. I also got some projects that I will soon reveal to you guys, one by one (hehe). Despite all those project madness, I somehow managed to get myself staring at my laptop, playing Sims 3, without any fuss about my projects. I’m a bit weird, I guess. By the way, sorry for the breakfast late post. I know I should’ve post it in the morning, but I got a pretty odd morning today and decided to play Sims 3 all morning. See yaa tomorrow! X

Breakfast Today: Banana Muffin


Hey guys! Sorry for the pretty long hiatus. I’ve been driven crazy by all the tests in the second term. So now, I have already starting my summer holiday (yeaay) and I also decided to add a new project for the blog called “Breakfast Today”. This project is made to fulfilled my addiction to pretty photography. See ya on another post! Tons of new project is ready to fill this blog this summer! Be sure to check my blog 😉 X